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Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney

Think of your estate plan as a gift you're giving your loved ones. By planning ahead, and documenting your wishes for how your estate and affairs should be managed during periods of your incapacity and after your death, you're helping to ensure your wishes will be carried out. You're also likely making the process significantly easier for those tasked with acting on your behalf.

Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman & Ferris, PLLC in Phoenix can help with your estate planning by preparing professional wills, trusts and advanced directives.

Phoenix Guardianships and Conservatorships Attorney

Phoenix guardianships and conservatorships attorney Michelle Ann Booge assists prospective guardians and conservators with the appointment process. She is also willing to help her clients complete petitions if they believe that appointed guardians or conservators fail to act in the best interests of their wards.

Phoenix Medicaid Planning and Special Needs Planning Attorney

Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman& Ferris, PLLC is here for all of your Medicaid planning and special needs planning in Phoenix. If you or a loved one needs accommodation for special needs or assistance with Medicaid planning, Attorney Booge is here to help. Explore the attorney's services through a free new client consultation.

Phoenix Probate and Trust and Estate Administration Attorney

When someone dies in Arizona, it may be necessary to probate or officially administer their estate through the court system. While it's not required in all cases, probate proceedings are often required before assets can be transferred to heirs.

Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman& Ferris, PLLC can help you understand what's legally required for your loved one's estate, and can help you navigate what can otherwise be a confusing and frustrating process.

Phoenix Social Security Disability, VA and Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

When you are dealing with legal issues, you need an experienced attorney who can help you deal with these issues quickly and effectively. Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman& Ferris, PLLC offers services related to Social Security disability insurance, VA benefits, trust litigation and estate litigation.

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