Phoenix Guardianships and Conservatorships Attorney

Phoenix guardianships and conservatorships attorney Michelle Ann Booge assists prospective guardians and conservators with the appointment process. She is also willing to help her clients complete petitions if they believe that appointed guardians or conservators fail to act in the best interests of their wards.

Guardianships Versus Conservatorships

The terms “guardianships” and “conservatorship” are often confused, especially as definitions vary somewhat from one state to the next. In Arizona, guardians make personal decisions regarding the healthcare, education, and other best interests of their wards. Conservators are called upon to handle financial considerations. Their duties include filing inventories of the protected individual’s estate and paying any properly presented claims against that estate. The conservator is charged with only using the protected individual’s money for that person’s benefit. The same person may serve as both guardian and conservator, but in some situations, these duties are split between multiple people or fiduciaries.

Who is Eligible to Serve as a Guardian or Conservator?

Adults and entities such as private fiduciaries are eligible to act as guardians for incapacitated adults and minors. Minors 14 years of age or older are permitted to select their own guardian. When guardians are appointed by a court of law, a list of priorities is followed to ensure that the selected guardian or conservator will serve the best interests of the ward. Spouses and adult children of wards are often given top consideration, although those nominated in wills or by power of attorney also receive priority. Prior to being appointed, prospective guardians and conservators must submit pertinent information about their criminal history and whether they’ve acted as guardian or conservator in the past.

Working With a Phoenix Guardianships and Conservatorships Attorney

The right guardianships and conservatorships attorney will respectfully address your concerns and advocate assertively on behalf of you and your prospective ward. Michelle Booge is an excellent resource, as she boasts an extensive understanding of guardianships and conservatorships in the state of Arizona.

If you require assistance with guardianships or conservatorships in the Phoenix area, do not hesitate to get in touch with Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman & Ferris, PLLC. You will enjoy exceptional legal counsel from an attorney who truly cares about the health and happiness of both you and those you love most.

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