Phoenix Social Security Disability, VA and Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

When you are dealing with legal issues, you need an experienced attorney who can help you deal with these issues quickly and effectively. Attorney Michelle A. Booge of Dyer Bregman& Ferris, PLLC offers services related to Social Security disability insurance, VA benefits, trust litigation and estate litigation.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security disability insurance, or SSDI, is available to individuals who are not able to work because of a serious injury or a chronic illness. Unfortunately, many applications for benefits are unfairly denied. If your application for SSDI has been denied, a qualified Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney can help you appeal the decision and fight for the benefits you deserve.

VA Benefits

VA benefits are available to veterans who meet specific qualifications. However, not every valid application for benefits is immediately approved. If you are having trouble qualifying for VA benefits, a skilled VA attorney can help.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Trusts, wills and other estate planning documents are created to ensure that an individual’s belongings are distributed appropriately after his or her death. However, in some cases, parties involved in a trust, will or other estate planning case may disagree. If you are involved in such a case, you need an experienced Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney to help you resolve the issue quickly.

Why Hire a VA, Trust and Estate or Social Security Disability Attorney?

Dealing with a legal issue can be time consuming and stressful. Hiring a qualified Social Security, VA and Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney ensures that you resolve the case as quickly as possible so that you can move on with your life. In addition, your attorney will be able to provide you with valuable insight and guidance that you can use to make the right decisions throughout the case. If you have any questions about your case, you will also be able to contact your attorney to get the information or clarification you need.

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Attorney Booge provides services related to SSDI benefits, VA benefits or trust and estate litigation throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area. Contact Dyer Bregman& Ferris, PLLC to learn more about her services or to schedule an appointment.

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